Young and determined, Serena Espagnet was born in Rome on August 10th 1988. Despite the absence of an artistic heritage, she showed a great predisposition for the artistic world since she was very young. 

Serena integrated her artistic education with ballet and contemporary/jazz classes, getting her diploma with the dance association ARSmovendi in Rome.  She began working with Director Andrea Cagnetti and performed several times at the famous Teatro Greco in Rome. 

After graduating high school in Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri in Rome, she enrolled in the University program D.A.M.S. (Didactic College studies in the Sciences of Technology, Arts, Music and Show Business) and was admitted into the theatre Academy Teatro Blu of the well known Argentinian acting coach Beatrice Bracco. Directed by Beatrice Bracco Serena performed in two major theatre shows: “Le voci che ci divorano” and “Il peccato deli innocenti”.

At the age of 23, Serena was ready for the next step. In 2011 she moved to NY, where she had the opportunity to refine her singing-interpretative skills with Broadway teacher Mary Setrakian. She then met the exceptional acting coach Susan Batson, one of cinema’s latest gurus and referring point for actors all over the world.  Susan Batson is the acting coach of actors like Nicole Kidman, Juliette Binoche, Tom Cruise and Liv Tyler.

In 2012 Serena met casting director John Gallagher, with whom she started working at SVA (School of Visual Arts) in NY, booking parts in many short movies. She also participated in the movie “Free Richard!” by award winner director Carl Ford. In 2013, she booked her first feature film “Gravedigger” starring the famous actor Keith Collins. Gravedigger won best thriller award at 2013 Downbeach film festival in Atlantic City. 

Tenacious and unrelenting, Serena kept expanding her network and in 2013 she performed in the show “In Scena” directed by Laura Caparrotti and Donatella Codonesu, a eulogy to the Italian Theatre in New York,  presented at the well known Festival Figment. 

In 2014 Serena booked a co-lead role in the feature film “Clean Cut” starring the awarded actor Kaith Collins. After signing a contract with Jack Boar Pictures Production, in 2015 Serena plays the lead role in the short movie “Waiting for Harry” directed by Antonio Benedetto. 

One of Serena's latest works - the short movie  "The Gatherer" by Aurore Duiguo, in which she plays the lead role of Jane - will screen at Big Apple Festival in November 2016 


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The life and essence of art- whether it be painting, music, or dance- lies in expressing through a wellspring of emotion the universal realm of the human spirit. It is a melding of the individual and the universal. That is why great art reaches out beyond ethnic and national barriers to move  people all over the world.

- Daisaku Ikeda 



SERENA Espagnet




The Gatherer                                     Jane (lead role)                           A. Duiguo, Dir. NY 

Waiting for Harry                            Giulia (lead)                               A. Benedetto, Dir NY 

Clean Cut                                        Sandy (co-lead)                          J. Pepitone, Dir NJ

You can’t hustle a hustler                 Angie (supporting c.)                  B. Sobel, Dir. NY

Pigalle                                             Adele (supporting c.)                  B. Sobel, Dir. NY 

Blood is Noir                                  Cecilia (lead)                               K. Davis, Dir. NY

The Club of Rome                           Lea (co-lead)                               N. Cimino, Dir. NY

Gravedigger                                Melissa (supporting c.)               K. Collins; D. Bollingers, Dir. NJ

O Làsce                                          Eva (lead role)                             J. Anquier, Dir. NYC

Watching from distances                Cris (lead role)                            J. Caridi, Dir. NJ

Bully Film                                        Liz (lead role)                              L. Davidson, Dir. NYC

Election                                          Tracy (lead role)                          A. Payne; J. Tailor, Dir. NYC

To the Fairest                                  Venus (lead role)                         S. Kim, Dir. NYC

The Code                                        Serena (lead role)                        Y. Wang, Dir. NYC

La Polka Patafisika                          Clara (lead role)                          F. Francioni, Dir. RM



Shakespeare and the Courtesan        Veronica Franco (lead)               P. Srteitz, Co., NYC

Sardines and Olives                           Lena (lead role)                          B. Sobel, Co., NYC

Voci nel deserto                                  Reading                                     In Scena T. Co., NYC 

Dona-Donna-Dona                             Reading poetry                          La Faggeta a.c., Italy

L’altra metà della mela                        Ortensia (lead role)                   Teatro Blu, RM, Italy

Il peccato degli innocenti                   Claudia (lead role)                     Teatro Blu, RM, Italy

Le moment de la lune                         Beatrice (lead role)                     Teatro Blu, RM, Italy

Le voci che ci divorano                      Beatrice (supporting c.)               Teatro Blu, RM, Italy



Nano Transformers                   Marie                                       AudioWorks Producers Group

Brinken                                     multiple characters                   AudioWorks Producers Group 



  • Tactical Training for Actors Level 1 and 2 (Handle firearms; Individual Movements and Team Movements) - by veteran Law Enforcement trainer Kevin McMahon

  • Jared Kirby - Combat for Stage and Screen Training

  • Anthony Abeson, classes and private coaching, NY (since 2013)

  • Workshop Keysi Movie Action, fighting method by Justo Dieguez, NY (2013)

  • Susan Batson’s Studio, LLC; New York (2011 - 2013)

  • Workshop C. Linklater Method (2009) with Susan Main

  • Acting Training Beatrice Bracco, Rome, Italy (2008 - 2011)

  • Speech, Breathing and Voice training Giorgia Trasselli, Rome, Italy (2007)



Singing, Mezzo Soprano (4 years)                        Mary Setrakian; Rome and NYC 

Dancing Contemporary Lyrical                             Peridance C. Center, New York

Dancing Ballet, Modern, Jazz (5 years)               ArsMovendi, Mimma Testa, IALS; RM

Bartender, Professional(since 2008)                   Flair Project, RM 

Snowboarding, intermediate

Languages: Italian (native); English (fluent speaking, reading, writing); Spanish (speaking). Valid Italian passport; Italian driving license